2012 NFL Week 1: Quarterbacks To Watch

Sep 07, 2012










This is going to be one of the most insane NFL seasons ever, with 5 rookie QBs starting in Week 1!  Below, we analyzed a few Quarterback scenarios that fans should watch this season.  Enjoy!


Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

This is an obvious MUST-WATCH this weekend, as "Killa Cam" lit it up last season!  Will Cam Newton be able to match his numbers last season?  Will he have the capability to control games & lead his team to a winning record this season?  These questions remain unknown, but what we do know is this guy knows how to put on a performance, so enjoy the show this season folks!

Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins

Some have compared this #1 Overall Pick to the man we just mentioned, Cam Newton.  He has all the talent in the world, but is playing in a very tough division, the NFC East.  Will RG3 be the answer to the Washington Redskins' fans' prayers?  Or will he dissapoint in his 1st season at the helm?  We have a good feeling he is going to have a stellar season, so he is another MUST-WATCH QB this season.

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Beating out Matt Flynn is unbelievable for this 2012 3rd round draft pick!  Right out of the gate, he has surprised critics, and even his coach, Pete Carroll.  Russell has the ability to run, as well as throw darts down the sideline.  If he is able to keep Seattle in the game, their defense may be able to step it up enough to bring Seattle to a division title this year.  Make sure to keep an eye on this young buck!

Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After an exciting rookie season, Freeman fell off into a monster sophomore slump.  Unable to make it cool with his former coach & WR's, the Tampa Bay GM went out & got a new head coach & elite go-to wide receiver in Vincent Jackson.  Now the question will be, can Josh finally break out and show his true colors for the Bucs, or will he fail to meet his potential, once again?  With a new, stud running back in Doug Martin, and a receiver like Jackson, in front of Mike Williams, there's a good bet that Josh Freeman will finally rise to the occasion!


Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

It is a tough gig for Young Luck to take over for the hall-of-famer Peyton Manning, but he has the ability to do so.  After being taken #2 overall in the 2012 NFL Draft, Andrew wants to show the world that maybe he should have been taken #1.  Of course RGIII was taken there, but Luck is a competitor and will always get out onto the field with a winning attitude, whether it was for Stanford, or soon to be Indianapolis.  Look for much improvement in the Colts squad this year and do not be surprised if Luck has a string of solid games this year, threatening at the top spot in his division.

Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos

On a team that once was a Tebow revelation, Peyton Manning steps up to the plate to show Denver & John Elway why they gave him all that money.  Some may have forgotten that this man has 2 NFL MVP's & 1 Super Bowl Ring, but if the older Manning is able to stay healthy all year, it won't be long before people begin to call him a Top-5 QB again.  The only question here is his health, so be sure to watch Sunday night to see when he first gets hit, if he gets hit at all!

Mark Sanchez/Tim Tebow, New York Jets

The New York Jets have went a full preseason without scoring a First Team touchdown, so it is still to be seen if they can click offensively.  With the addition Tim Tebow, there is an immediate bolster in the locker room, as he is a full-born leader.  Not to mention, they picked up the fastest player in this year's 2012 NFL Draft, Stephen Hill.  Look for Hill to make a lot of noise this year starting across Santonio Holmes, but in regards to who will be helping him make that noise is still undecided.  Whether it's Tebow or Sanchez, fans & teammates leaning towards Sanchez, the Jets need to pick it up offensively, so that their defense isn't left on the field the majority of games this year.  Either way, this will most definitely be a very fun team to watch this year!

Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton exploded onto the NFL scene in his rookie year, as he paired up with AJ Green multiple times for big gains & touchdowns!  Now, with the addition of BenJarvus Green-Ellis & Marvin Jones, their offense has been greatly improved and can only get better.  Nobody would have thought they could even get into the playoffs last year, but after getting there and winning one, their team's potential this year is through the roof!  Look for Bengal nation to make noise all season, as Dalton shows repeatedly why he was named the starter from Day 1.

Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins

After a tough showing in preseason, being knocked around by critics during draft day, & having to deal with the media a ton already, Tannehill has had his hands full already.  Now comes the real test.  Will Ryan Tannehill bring his wide reciever-less team to compete every Sunday, even having to play twice against the tough AFC East opponents: New York Jets; New England Patriots; Buffalo Bills?  Miami has to be one of the worst teams entering the 2012 NFL Season, so hopefully Ryan can use his athleticism to play out of that title.  Look for Ryan to dump it down, early & often, to his tight ends, one being Michael Egnew, while Reggie Bush looks to grab the rushing title in 2012, but I would not have high expectations for this Hard Knocks team this year.  For now, we can only take the wait and see approach.

Brandon Weeden, Cleveland Browns

Cleveland's Mike Holmgren drafted Brandon Weeden with confidence in the 2012 NFL Draft, but his real test comes this Sunday!  The city of Cleveland, Ohio believes that Trent Richardson & Weeden can lead them to a much more improved season and something Colt McCoy could not do last season, compete for a playoff berth.  They already have a BCS Champion in Trent running the ground game, but let's see how Brandon does with receivers like Greg Little & Josh Rodgers.  Only time will tell if the Browns can actually stay in games against extremely tough NFL competition this year!

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