PAX East - Hosted in Boston

Apr 05, 2012

Hey guys!

Bravo here. If you've been watching YouTube videos from Machinima or following MLG Pro players on Twitter over the past few years, there's a good chance you've heard of PAX. That's because it's awesome.

Allow me to explain a bit - PAX is the Penny Arcade Expo, and this weekend the city of Boston will once again be host to PAX East, and myself, Cheeky, Neighbor, Tmartn, Jericho, and more will be in attendance. Essentially, it's a big convention where game developers and industry companies show off their new fancy stuff for the year, and there's a ton of free stuff, friends, parties, and good times. I've been to 3 PAX events, and, in my opinion, PAX is the best event in the industry. Here's why...

-PAX is better than San Diego Comic-Con because 150,000 people in downtown San Diego is crazy / stupid/ crowded.

-PAX is better than E3 because I hate L.A.

-PAX is better than Game Developer's Conference because there's not enough free stuff. Plus, San Francisco is foggy.

-PAX is different from MLG because MLG events are full of stress and sweaty kids. PAX has no stress, but twice as many sweaty kids. You win some, you lose some.

PAX is truly an event for game enthusiasts. Whether you like competitive gaming, RPGs, fighting games, tabletop games, handheld games, etc, there's a ton of stuff for you to do. All of the biggest sponsors in the industry are there, and I'm looking forward to playing a few games that will be big this year, including Far Cry 3 and others. Also, there are a ton of panels with game designers and industry celebrities, tournaments (there's a Halo Reach event), massive free play areas, and even concerts. Pretty much, it's a 3 day gaming filled free-for-all where you can be a total nerd and get free stuff.

I'll be at the event hanging with GUNNAR Optiks and also the Gamma Gamers crew handing out some free Gamma Labs PTF - tweet at us and look for us if you're inside! Also, if you come up to any of us and say "Gimme some Gamma!" we'll give you some free gear.

Can't be at the event? No worries - I'll throw up a recap video on when I get back!

Talk to you guys soon,


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