Breaking Through a Fitness Rut

Jul 09, 2012

Breaking through a Fitness Rut

By: Whitney Jones (IFBB Fitness PRo)










Mostly everyone at some time or another has lost the drive and motivation they once thrived on with their workouts and diet. Well snap out of it. Only you can make the change. Granted it's easier said then done but here are some tips to get you focused and inspired to help you be and feel your absolute best.


Eye on the prize -

Set a goal. Getting back on track is a lot easier if you have something specific your working towards. Research events in your area and consider stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something you've never done before. Some things to look into:

- Marathon or triathlon - they have many smaller scale  "sprint" events for these that are great for beginners who want to do a marathon or triathlon for the first time.

- Interested in transforming your physique? Look into entering a bodybuilding, fitness, figure or bikini competition. I recommend the NPC (National Physique Committee) federation.

- Are you competitive with friends and family? Challenge them with a weight and body fat loss competition.  A 12 week program is standard and have weekly weigh ins with a grand prize for the winner in the end.


Revive your music list -

How will you stay motivated if you've been listening to the same playlist for a year. If you know what songs is next as your current song is ending........well you're way overdue. Take the time to download some of your new favorite songs or even check out apps like Pandora which is like your own custom radio station. You may be surprised at the effect music can have.


Get outdoors -

Far too often people get stuck in their same patterns. You've got to change it up. Most people go to a gym to get their workouts in, but take it outside every so often. Break away from the weight room and go hiking, play basketball, go for a bike ride through your neighborhood, make use of the nice weather - but  if you live in AZ like me, its hot, so you gotta do this early in the AM


Make it a team effort -

Recruit a friend to join you at the gym or hire a personal trainer. This will make you accountable to someone else which then can get you back into the routine. Consistency counts when trying to break out of a rut.


Just remember, you're the only one who has control over this. If your stuck in a rut, do something about it. Focus, get inspired, and get back to your ambitious self. 

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