Cody Elkins at Boonstock 2012

Jul 03, 2012

Boonstock 2012

Gibbons, Alberta, Canada 



                          Coming into this weekend I really didn't know what to expect. Big 3 day long rock concert with Keith Sayers, Ted Culbertson, and myself jumping somewhere in the mix is all I knew. My nerves were a little higher than normal because the wind has been blowing so much lately there's been no chance to practice. Once we arrived we seen the three stages, tents, vendor booths, carnival rides, beer trucks, and a few campers. Everything was still being set up and the camp grounds already had quite a few people in it. We had a little dirt work to do to make our setup rideable, but it came together nicely, and then we headed to check in our hotel.

               Upon arriving the next morning the campground was overflowing with campers, tents, and vehicles. It stretched as far as you could see. We all got dialed in with our first few jumps and was ready to put on our part of the show. The wind played a factor in just about every show we did because it was about a 15mph crosswind. We did our best and the crowd was more than pleased. Ted was still throwing down huge KODs, nonacs, and holy grabs. I was going to my go to tricks of bar tricks, whips, and flips. Keith was killing it with cliff hangers, grab tricks and backflip variations. During, between, and after our shows we got to enjoy the live music by puddle of mud, volbeat, Korn, crystal method, buck cherry, and tons more. Needless to say its weekends like this I love my job. 


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