Chasing A Guinness World Record pt 1

Aug 21, 2012












Power Lifter Matt Kaparis woke up one day with an epiphany. Why not do something that'll not only put himself and Gamma Labs on the power lifting map, why not break a Guinness Book of World Records record!?  And so came the idea to attempt breaking the "Heaviest Deadlift in One Minute" record. Currently the record is at 10,317 lbs in one minute held by Markus Ruck; as he broke the old world record in 2011 by Deadlifting 120kg for 39 repetitions in one minute. This record for Matt seemed to not only be an attainable goal,  but also a mountain he'd look forward to climbing.   This guy loves to Deadlift.

The first part of his training was to find out what weight he would use and to actually see how close to the record he can get. He would use this to establish a baseline around his diet and training. In the end he decided to use 275 lbs and would only need to successfully complete 38 repetitions to break the existing world record. 

Well the first trial run went better than expected! He was able to complete 30 repetitions in 48 seconds but actually stopped for the FINAL 12 seconds. He was EXHAUSTED!  Matt did not realize it wasn't due to a lack of strength but cardio, which ended up being one of the strongest components of this feat.  Since he has an established baseline,  he is continuing research and experimentations on specific exercises that will continue to build his strength and allow focus on the cardio aspect needed to break this record.   


Just a testament of his strength.


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