Inside look on BMX rider, Tyler Brown!

Oct 10, 2012

BMX Rider Tyler Brown

Name:  Tyler Brown

Nickname:  Down-Town Tyler Brown

Age:  27

Hometown:  Chula Vista, CA

Hobbies:  I enjoy anything on my bike!  I enjoy traveling the world and seeing new things.  Spending time with my friends and family, going to the beach and surfing (something I need to do more of), skydiving, and anything that is fast and fun!  I enjoy doing anything fun that will put a smile on my face!

Favorite Music:  Thats a hard one because I like so many different types of music.  It all depends on what Im doing that day.

Favorite Track to Ride:  Chula Vista's Future BMX!

Favorite Race:  Pro Invitational - Lyon France

Best Results:  Won a few big races in Europe, as well as some good podium finishes in the USA, and being part of the 2008 Olympic Long Team for USA!

Favorite Place to Travel:  So far the South of France.  Love that place!


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