Dec 17, 2012

ShootMania IPL

ShootMania is a first person shooter game that has been taking the competitive scene by Storm. The official title ShootMania: Storm, is created by Ubisoft and Nadeo in a join operation.  The game is only in its Beta stage but it is set to for release on January 23 of next year.  The game’s innovative game modes and outstanding company support, has this game on track to become one of the next big e-Sports.

ShootMania features a game mode is a modified 3v3 called Elite in which three defenders fend off one attacker from their base.  The attacker faces the defenders with a laser gun and three points of armor.  The laser gun can kill opponents in one hit and has little to no delay between launch and contact.  The defenders carry rocket launchers; these weapons fire slow moving projectiles that will take one armor off the attacker.  The game lasts one minute and is broken down into two segments; one is 45 seconds and the other is 15.  If the attacker does not infiltrate the base successfully in that time, or loses all three armors he loses, but if he is able to kill all three defenders, he takes the victory.

This new game mode is like nothing ever seen before in the FPS scene and has enticed the interest of gamers who are not native to this gaming realm.  IGN hosted one of the biggest ShootMania tournaments last weekend at their IPL5 in Las Vegas.  The tournament hosted some of the top teams from around the globe to play onsite and win some cash.  This quick adaptation of this game, as shown during PAX Prime as well, just proves that this game is going to be bigger than many have anticipated.

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Stay tuned for more e-Sports news and to see if ShootMania: Storm really does have what it takes to take a stage in the e-Sports world.

Written By Kciwwick

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