Summer on the Road with Josh Hult

Jul 12, 2012











 By Josh Hult

        I have been on the road a ton doing stunt shows with 5050BMX and Creative Sports and its been a blast. I recently did a FMX/BMX show in Las Vegas for the opening of a new clothing company in Nevada that had hundreds of people out in the heat to see us ride, and as Vegas usually goes we had an amazing turnout and an amazing after party to finish off the weekend.
        I also just competed in my 2nd ever mountain bike slopestyle (basically the same thing I do on my BMX bike just bigger bike and bigger jumps) event called the Teva Games in Vail, CO and placed third. It was a great experience with a ton of web coverage and I already have invites to ride at some more huge events in the next couple months so I'll keep Gamma updated with how that goes. I am currently in an airport on my way to Seattle to ride in some shows with Creative Sports to celebrate the 4th of July with a bang! I'll be home after that for a couple weeks then I'm off to New Hampshire for another MTB slopestyle event. 

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