Whitney's Top Ten - Favorite Lower Body Exercises

Jul 30, 2012

Whitney's Top Ten - Favorite Lower Body Exercises


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1. Plié Squats with heels elevated - put two plates on the ground two feet apart and place heels on edge of plate with toes on ground pointed out diagonally. Lower into a squat position and squeeze glutes as you lift up into starting position.

2. Bench step ups - keep one foot on platform and push through your heal as you drive the opposite knee up and to your chest as u step up.

3. Princess Lunges - step back as if your doing a diagonal reverse lunge and drop knee as if you're doing a curtsy.

4. Hack Squat - place feet together and squat all the way down past 90 degreesto really hit the glutes with this exercise 5. Vertical Leg Press - place feet with toes slightly off the platform and push through the heels as you press weight up.

6. Straight Leg dead lifts - take your time with this. Proper form is crucial and do not use ur back as you stand up to complete each rep.

7. Lying hamstring curl - squeeze glutes as you curl legs up, don't whip the weights.

8. Cable glute kickbacks - wrap cuff around ankle and brace yourself on a bar as you squeeze glute and kick back.

9. Single Leg Squat on Elevated platform - start in lunge position with front leg on elevated platform. Drop down until knee almost touches the ground and then elevate.

10. Reverse Hack Squat  - face inward on equipment with shoulders and chest on pad. Lower into a squat and it's important to keep abs tight throughout


As part of your workout choose 5 exercises and do each 3 times keeping your rep range between 8-10 if your building and 12-15 if your toning. Enjoy your training!

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