Designed BY gamers.. FOR gamers.

It started with a midnight release, when gamers used G Fuel to stay awake and play all night.  Then word spread all the way up to the pros who use it to kick ass in competitions.  Now the word is spreading and more and more gamers are choosing G Fuel over sugary syrup based energy drinks.

You know what?  Gamers haven’t had it easy. The world is changing and the gaming community is growing.  What you might have noticed is that healthy choices for energy are few and far between.  Look at the super-market shelves and you’ll see all types of toxic energy in aluminum cans.  We saw the same thing.  And that led to us creating what might seem like an impossible combination.  Healthy energy, focus, and concentration - on demand, whenever you want it.  No crash, no jitters.


“ You told us exactly what kind of energy and focus gamers needed... We created G Fuel ”


Boom Headshot!


Stay awake and play


Outsmart your opponent


Outpace them too


Fueling Pros to Finish 1st

G Fuel pushes the world’s top pro gamers to win competition after competition by beating their opponents into a controller throwing rage.

Who would’ve thought gaming would come this far?  Gaming has evolved into an industry where matches have thousands of dollars at stake.  Pro gamers go head to head and only the best come out on top.  Take a step back, and even the average gamer has a need for the same edge that the pros look for - healthy energy, focus, and concentration.

This is where you separate the Pros from the scrubs...

The scrub will grab a can of any carbonated energy drink they can find.  Hours later, he’ll be bouncing off the walls.  Hours after that, he’ll be crashing in his bed and mommy will have to tuck him in.

The pro gamer?  He’s fueling with the cutting edge Energy Formula in G Fuel.  It might sound like hype, but it’s a fact that G Fuel was specifically engineered to improve your gaming.

G Fuel was formulated by Gamma Labs, a sport nutrition company dedicated to providing athletes and the fitness community with high-end, all-natural supplements.  Not only does it make sense that we’d create a healthier energy for games, but also a more effective solution.

Are you ready to take your gaming to the next level? Refuel with G Fuel!


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Gamers who know how to Fuel for peak performance.

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Team Kaliber

“Our practice can last for hours, the competition always demand more and more, so I drink G FUEL to keep up.” - SHARP

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“G FUEL is the drink of the gods.” - Pamaj

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FaZe Clan

“When I’m looking for the perfect clip, it can take hours. When the moment strikes, I’ll be ready with G FUEL.”

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Some days sleep is not really an option. Those days.. are G FUEL days.


Get your Game Fuel ready.

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