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Ultimate Pre-Training 

What if we told you that everything you thought you knew about Nitric Oxide...heck, what if we told you that everything you thought you knew about Pre-Workouts...was ALL about to change?

At Gamma Labs, we've discovered a revolutionary new source of Nitric Oxide - One that you're about to discover and will change the way you train - forever.

This exciting breakthrough, combined with the most insane levels of clean, jitter free energy, enormous new heights in mental focus, and the ultimate sources of bio-mechanical performance fuel, is the foundation upon which Gamma Labs NEW Pre-Training Formula is built. Get ready!


PTF Nitric Oxide

The secret source of Nitric Oxide Unveiled for the first time ever!

Imagine knowing that for years, you've been missing out on the true performance enhancing power of Nitric Oxide.

There's no doubt that the classical eNOS pathway can generate tremendous amounts of pump-inducing Nitric Oxide. Insane vascularity, awe-inspiring muscular pumps, the silent stares from everyone around's what we CRAVE while training.

But did you know another pathway that can generate 100 to 1,000 times more Nitric Oxide AND help support muscular growth? One that, until now, scientists have been unable to tap into?

This groundbreaking pathway comes from iNOS, also known as inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase, and it's impact on muscle growth is groundbreaking. You see, training exponentially increases free radicals in your body. And, these unstable molecules wreak havoc on muscle cells through a process called oxidation.

In response to this extreme degree of stress, your body produces Nitric Oxide through the iNOS pathway. The problem is, that Nitric Oxide is so busy fighting off free radicals, it can't really contribute to the bigger picture. But take some of that load off its shoulders with a potent enough antioxidant, and now it's free to do what we want it to do. That is, open up a brand new and supporting pathway to muscular growth.

Well, at Gamma Labs, we've discovered NOT one, but TWO "Super Antioxidants!" And, when combined with potent eNOS stimulators such as L-Arginine and Citrulline Malate, these Super Antioxidants can help free up the Nitric Oxide produced through iNOS for maximum Nitric Oxide production and muscular growth. So what are they?


Gamma Labs Pre Workout

Demand Even More
from your pre-workout

HUGE pumps, insane energy, increased physical strength...these are the things you've probably come to expect from a pre-workout. But why should PTF stop there?

Training is brutal. It tears down muscle, short circuits the nervous system, and floods your body with scores of toxins. Therefore, an intelligent pre-workout should also double as a "pre-recovery" formula, don't you agree?

That's why every serving is rich in the antioxidants Vitamin C & E. Combined, these antioxidants help further reduce cellular damage, strengthen your cells, and enable them to work more efficiently. More importantly, Vitamin C has potent anti-cortisol properties, a stress hormone that eats away at lean muscle tissue, making its inclusion a "must have" for anyone looking to maximize their training efforts

Start Training with PTF Today!

The real science is not about who puts the most ingredients in a container, and hopes for the best. It's about how the ingredients work together in harmony to produce the MOST EFFECTIVE blend to maximize your time in the gym. After all, isn't that why you're taking a Pre-Workout?

30 years of clinical research went into the making of this product, by the pioneers in Nitric Oxide. Our PTF is the culmination of three decades of science - simply the most clinically advanced formula, ever.

Don't believe us? I GUARANTEE it! That's right. If you don't think PTF is the best tasting, most effective Pre-Workout you've ever used, send it back for a 100% refund.


Bobby LashleySo What's it like to train on PTF?

Awe-Inspiring PUMPS & Wicked Vascularity!

At this point, it simply goes without saying. If you're a pump fiend looking for a bigger, stronger fix than your current pre-workout is delivering, you've gotta try the new PTF today!

EXPLOSIVE Pre-Workout Energy & Focus
- Without the Crash!

No nausea. No jitters. No "cracked out of your mind" sensations or productivity killing post-workout crash. PTF combines only the non-negotiable essentials proven the World over to deliver tremendous amount of clean, jitter-free energy, enormous new heights in mental focus, and the rock-solid motivation to do it all bigger than you've ever done before.

- Every Workout, Every Time. No Matter What.

This is where the rubber meets to the road. Because at the end of every set, what truly matters most is how hard your muscles performed while training.

Thankfully, PTF delivers the goods. Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine MagnaPower®, Dicreatine Malate, Beta-Alanine, hydrating electrolytes, cell volumizing Glycerol, and so much more...It's all inside, ready to fuel your muscles for one record crushing workout after the next.



The ultimate Pump Protectors

The Ultimate Pump Protectors

Leave it to mother nature to create two Super Antioxidants that not only improve performance, but are healthy for you too!

Unfortunately, for all the power Nitric Oxide yields, it's rapidly destroyed thanks to free radical oxidation. That's why PTF is LOADED with Pomegranate extract, which is rich in health promoting punicalagins, anthocyanins, and ellagic acid. And recent clinical research is showing that Pomegranate is incredibly potent at inhibiting the destruction of Nitric Oxide, which may potentially create stronger, longer lasting muscular pumps.

The second comes from Acai Berry. Like Pomegranate, Acai Berry is a true Antioxidant Super Power, for it too helps arrest the damaging effects of free radicals. And like Pomegranate, Acai Berry may also potentially extend the pump-inducing, vein popping, muscle building benefits of Nitric Oxide!
Finally, a Pre-Training phenom that not only delivers insane levels of Nitric Oxide and performance enhancement, but is healthy for you too!


Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

From day one, customer satisfaction has been our top priority.

And because of that, we offer a 100% unconditional money back guarantee. If our customers don't believe the Gamma Labs product they are using are the most effective supplements they've ever taken, we refund their money - no questions asked. And we're proud to report that nearly every Gamma Labs customer has become a long time, loyal fan of Gamma Labs. Because at the end of the day, we understand it's not about us. It's about you, the athlete, the bodybuilder, the extreme sports enthusiast, the gamer.



F.A.Q. - PTF

The Most Frequently Asked Questions for PTF

Q: How soon before training should I take PTF?
A: We recommending mixing two scoops in 12 ounces of cold water and consuming 30 minutes prior to training.

Q: Is PTF for bodybuilders only?
A: No, PTF is for individuals of all fitness levels and athletes in every sport. In fact, there are many business professionals who rely on PTF to help improve their productivity at work and keep them sharp throughout the day. And PTF is quickly becoming a staple for many top level professional gamers looking to improve their performance during paid tournaments.

Q: What makes PTF different from every other pre-workout on the market?
A: This is a great question. Like other pre-workouts, PTF dramatically increases Nitric Oxide in the body, an important cell signaling molecule that promotes increased vascularity and muscular pumps. However, PTF increases Nitric Oxide through both the eNOS and iNOS pathways. This is an important distinction to make, as most other formulas only increase Nitric Oxide through the a single pathway - the eNOS pathway.

Then there's the energy and focus. PTF combines only the non-negotiable essentials proven the World over to increase energy and mental performance. You can be confident knowing the physical and mental energy from PTF is proven powerful and effective, and guaranteed not to make you crash. The same cannot be said for other pre-workouts.

Of utmost importance is the health component - a major advantage to using PTF. Every serving is loaded with powerful antioxidants to help protect cellular integrity and reduce free radical damage. This is often overlooked in many other pre-workouts, and in our opinion, is essential to promoting greater gains and faster recovery in addition to promoting overall health.

Finally, you have tried, tested, and proven sources of raw performance fuel. Unlike other pre-workouts that rely on a heavy dose of harsh stimulants to increase power, PTF uses proven ingredients to load up and fuel your muscle cells at a molecular level. The end result is muscle tissue that contracts harder and fatigues slower, creating the perfect stimulus for greater size and strength adaptations.

Q: Does PTF utilize a lot of sugars to achieve its great taste?
A: No, PTF does not contain any added sugars, and contains only 1 little gram of carbohydrates per two scoops.

Q: Can I combine PTF with other Gamma Labs products such as Gamma-O V2 or Platinum T?
A: Absolutely. In fact, PTF works synergistically when combined with either Gamma-O V2 or Platinum T, and this can help users achieve their desired goals at a much faster rate.

Q: How much does shipping cost in the United States?
A: We use standard USPS shipping rates for all our domestic and international packages. Most domestic packages shipped via USPS Standard Post mail cost between $6.00 and $9.99. We also offer FREE domestic shipping on all orders over $70! For exact pricing (based on your location), please enter your shipping information at step 1 of 2 during the checkout process and click "continue to next step".

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes we do! We are able to ship to all countries except for Norway and Germany. We offer one of the LOWEST INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES out there. Our Standard International shipping costs $6.99 per lb and takes about a week to ten days for your package to arrive. We also offer $15 flat rate shipping on all international orders over $70!

*Please note, ALL postal items entering the UK (and any other European country) from outside EU may be assessed by Customs and incur a charge. Any package liable for import duty/and or tax, will incur a Royal Mail handling fee of £8 (or more). For more information on customs charges please visit their website: or contact your customs department prior to placing your order.

Q: How come I can't track my international package?
A: We apologize for the inconvenience, but unfortunately we cannot provide international orders with any kind of tracking information. Gamma Labs has just recently switched shipping services from USPS to DHL and does not have the ability to get you this information at this time. All international orders will make it to their destinations no later than 7-14 business days after the time of pick up from our facilities. If at any time an order has not reached its destination, we highly recommend contacting your local post office as they may be holding onto your package, otherwise we suggest contacting customs. Packages may be delayed when passing through a countries customs authority, based on local laws & taxes. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: We accept returns on all unopened product. If the package is opened, the tub/box must contain at least 75% of the original product in order for us to refund your money. For a complete refund, please ship your package back to: Gamma Labs - 134 Bell Street, West Babylon NY 11704.
Please note: We cannot refund the original shipping costs of your package.