Fuel Up and Maximize Every Workout

G Fuel was developed as the ultimate energy, focus, and endurance formula for athletes and pros. When you need the drive to work out and train, you need to fuel up with G Fuel.

Training and shaping your body isn’t easy. It takes sweat, pain, and fuel. Fuel is what drives your desire to shape and train your body. G Fuel is the fuel that was specifically engineered to help you get more done by pushing your body through the pain. G Fuel’s on-demand energy means that you’ll never have another day where you opt out of improving your body by dodging the gym. It’s time to refuel with G Fuel.


“ GFuel gives you the energy and endurance to tear through your workout ”


Control over your brain and body


Pump out that extra set


Stay focused and in the zone


Driving force behind your workout


Why the Pros Use G Fuel

Lifters and Pro Body Builders machine through every workout with G Fuel

No doubt about it, professionals dissect every single thing before it goes in their body. Some of them even read the labels on the back of water bottles.

There’s a good reason why Pros are so critical of what they eat and drink. And there’s a good reason why G Fuel earns the fitness communities’ trust. Think about it this way... When your career runs on your body - your body runs on what goes in it.

If you know a professional who relies on a physically fit body, then you know how they run. Pros wake up in the morning with a primal drive to hammer through their workouts. They love it when their muscles burn. They run on the pain that only comes from the iron. And when their bodies need a push, they fuel up with G Fuel.

Once you drink it down and fuel up, G Fuel pushes your body forward. Before your workout, G Fuel gives your body the motivation it needs to pick your butt up off the couch. While energy drinks will leave you jittery, G Fuel fills you with a calm steady energy that lasts through your entire routine.

We know that form and repetition improve your workout, and this is where G Fuel gives you even more of an advantage. Concentration and focus complexes within the “G” formula, actually make your workout more effective. It puts you “in the zone” and doesn’t let up until well after your workout is over.

When it’s time to work out and train, refuel with G Fuel.


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Pros who know how to Fuel for Peak Performance.

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Hope Alexa

"Always got my G FUEL on deck wherever I go, in case I need some extra motivation."

athlete athletes_bio_pic_shadow

Lyman Good

"I fuel up before my workouts to intensify each and every one."

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Christmas Abbott

"It’s not easy going straight from a CrossFit workout to a NASCAR Pit Crew...but it is when I take G Fuel."

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Lawrence Ballenger

"Bodybuilding is my passion, G FUEL is my drive."


Get your Fitness Fuel ready.

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