Engineered To Get Your Head in the Game

G Fuel gives you what sports and energy drinks cannot.
As an athlete, you need awareness, “in the zone” focus, and unstoppable energy to drive you down the field. G Fuel delivers.

Forget about drinking sugar and syrups.  You’ve worked too hard to put that junk in your body.  G Fuel is the sugar-free, clean, and straight energy you’ve been looking for.  Developed by experts who know health - Gamma Labs is a sports nutrition company dedicated to providing athletes and the fitness community with high-quality, all-natural supplements.


FOOTBALL“ G Fuel makes me the most focused on the field and elevates my game to a new level! ”


Be in the right place at the right time


Keep your motor running through the 4th quarter

Reaction Time

Get a quicker jump off the line


Supercharged split-second decision making


Walk with an Edge

When you’ve trained your body to the peak of perfection, G Fuel Energy Formula gives you the edge that you need to take it even further.

If you look for it, you can tell a pro by the way he carries himself.  Confident.  Determined. Ready to tackle any obstacle that gets between him and a win.

A pro’s career is driven by performance.  If you fail to perform, you fail your team, your coach, and your fans.  If you’re a pro, or even if you play like one, then failing is never an option.

With so much riding on one game, and so many people counting on you to perform, it’s easy to see why Pros are always hunting for that extra edge.

After all, you’ve trained through countless hours of sweat and the pain, there’s no way you’re leaving victory to chance.  Hard work is what got you here.  Give your team the edge to beat down the competition, and win the respect of a champion.  It’s time to drink it down and fuel up with G Fuel.


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Pros who know how to Fuel for Peak Performance.

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“My season ended with a Super Bowl... but it started with G FUEL”

athlete athletes_bio_pic_shadow

Whitney Mercilus

“G FUEL jacks me up to hold down that outside opposite JJ!!”

athlete athletes_bio_pic_shadow

Stephen Hill

“When I need to make that clutch play in the 4th quarter, G FUEL gives me that extra edge!”

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Kassim Osgood

“Concentration is key to succeeding on the field, which is why I use G FUEL.”


Get your Game Fuel ready.

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