Get Your Gloves Ready For This One

It has been said that in a fight, the guy who is willing to die is the one who will always come out on top.  And to get yourself in that zone, you need an edge - the G Fuel edge.

Flipping a switch and getting yourself into kill mode every time you step in the ring, now that takes practice. Training is, of course, your bread and butter.  No doubt about it, your opponent trains just as hard as you do.  And here is how G Fuel gives you an advantage over your opponent.


“ The first round is technique, the second conditioning, the third is G Fuel. ”


Higher precision striking


Outlast your opponent

Mental Toughness

Keeps you in that “in-mind zone”


Powering your unstoppable will to win each match


Why the Pros Use G Fuel

G Fuel is the healthy energy, focus, and concentration that fighters need right before they enter the cage.

MMA fighters religiously train their brains and bodies night and day leading up to their fight. But when your skills, techniques, and your body are all fine-tuned - what else is there?

Pros know it, and perhaps it’s one of the things that sets them apart from the rest.  It’s an edge. An advantage. A Fuel.

If you’re a fighter and you’re looking for an edge, then you need G Fuel. Created out of necessity for performance driven athletes and pros, G Fuel Energy Formula gives you what energy drinks can’t. Energy drinks trick your body with short-term sugars, syrups, and chemicals. While G Fuel fills you with an expertly engineered mixture of clean energy and focus.

Developed by the experts who know health - Gamma Labs is a sports nutrition company dedicated to providing athletes and the fitness community with high-quality, all-natural supplements.

It’s time for you to take G Fuel into the cage and crush every challenger. Fuel Up!


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Pros who know how to Fuel for Maximum Destruction.

athlete athletes_bio_pic_shadow

Dennis Bermudez

Competing with the best in the world, I always need an edge...G Fuel gives me that edge

athlete athletes_bio_pic_shadow

Joe Lauzon

“I always come out ready to scrap, that’s why I need something to fuel my aggressive nature...G FUEL.”

athlete athletes_bio_pic_shadow

Gian Villante

“My goal is not to win fights, my goal is to be a champion...that’s why I train with G FUEL.”

athlete athletes_bio_pic_shadow

Jamie Varner

“Because I train with G FUEL, 5 rounds is my warm up.”


Get your Game Fuel ready.

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