Fueling Those Who Push The Limits

You’re breaking through physical barriers and redefining what all of us thought was possible.

So why would you drink ordinary, sugary, syrup filled energy drinks from the supermarket?

We invite you to get the most out of life’s adventures. G Fuel is the catalyst to living life to its fullest. Formulated by sports nutrition experts to fire up your brain and body, G Fuel is the most effective way to boost your concentration, focus, and energy.


“ G Fuel gives you “in the moment” focus, and is the catalyst to getting more out of life’s adventures. ”


When split-second decisions mean life or death


Steady lasting energy that will keep up with you


Be there and experience every bit of the thrill


Do more, tear it up, and ride the adrenaline rush


Why the Pros Use G Fuel

The most Xtreme human beings on the planet are choosing a healthier option called G Fuel for energy, focus, and concentration.

Your feet leave the ground and it’s time to fly. Energy is flowing from the time that you hit the air, until your feet touch the ground again.

Jumping off a cliff, opening up your arms, and ripping through the air in a wingsuit? You’d have to be crazy to do it.

But if there’s one thing that Xtreme lifestyles have in common, it’s proving the impossible - is possible. Again and again, you force us to rethink and redraw our picture of reality.

Xtreme sports teach us a lot about ourselves...

Never let even a half-second of life go to waste. Absorb every bit of life and embrace it. Live life to the fullest and never be afraid to live on the edge. And before you jump into life’s next adventure, refuel with G Fuel.


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Pros who know how to Fuel for Peak Performance.

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Johnny Strange

“I didn’t get to the top of Mount Everest by sleeping...G FUEL’s got my back”

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Tyler Brown

“G FUEL gives me the energy I need to push through my last run of the day.”

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Shane Daniels

“When I’m jumping from building to building, I need to be focused and calm...G FUEL makes me fearless.”

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Daniel Wedemeijer

“Big air requires big energy...G FUEL energy.”


Get your Game Fuel ready.

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