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Introducing Platinum T

Take Back Your Edge!

Platinum T is an all natural, scientific breakthrough for men over 30 experiencing the effects of low testosterone. It's scientifically formulated to increase your energy, improve your mood, help maintain and regain hard muscle, and enhance your desire - all by restoring your testosterone to youthful levels - without causing any hair loss!

And, it's healthy for you too, delivering powerful anti-oxidant protection so you can feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside.


Improved Physical Performance

Watch as your physical strength and stamina return, your muscles become thicker, and your body kicks thermogenesis into overdrive.

Increase Energy & Stamina

Throw out your mid-morning and afternoon caffeine because you won't need it anymore! Feel your body come alive with high octane energy and stamina that lasts all day.

A Better Mood & More Motivation

Imagine yourself able to think clearer, focus better, and having the drive and motivation to conquer your World, all day, every day.

More Fun in the Bedroom

Feel like the man you use to be - youthful, vigorous, and ready to perform whenever the time is right. Low testosterone doesn't have to hold you back anymore.


How do you know if you have Low Testosterone?

Take a careful look at this list of symptoms. If you're experiencing 3 or more, you might have low testosterone.

Do any of those signs sound familiar? If low testosterone is affecting your life, we're here to tell you, it doesn't have to.

You can Get Your Edge Back.

You don't have to continue struggling every day. You don't have to allow low testosterone to disrupt your life, your relationships, and your success. You can feel young again and start living your life the way YOU want with help from NEW Platinum T™!

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and start getting your edge back!


Fight Back with Clinically Researched Ingredients

Platinum T™ is incredibly fast acting. But you should know it doesn't work over night. Platinum T™ works WITH your body. And as you'd expect, restoring your natural testosterone to youthful levels takes time.

How much time?

Nearly every man we speak to reports feeling AMAZING benefits in as little as 30 days.

Benefits such as more energy, clearer thinking, greater confidence, improved libido, and greater enjoyment in life!

And after those 30 days? Realistically you should continue using Platinum T™ for at least 60-90 days for MAXIMUM results.

And to help you get started, you can try Platinum T™ absolutely risk free for 30 days! Or, scroll down to learn how you can get your first bottle of Platinum T™ - absolutely free, compliments of the house!

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Fight Back with Clinically Researched Ingredients

And start enjoying the power, stamina, and energy you once had!

Platinum T is scientifically formulated with the latest clinically researched ingredients and advanced technology.

Ingredients such as Gamma Oryzanol, specially enhanced with our proprietary Liquid Emulsion Technology for improved bio-availability. Unlike hormonal testosterone precursors such as DHEA - which can actually decrease testosterone production even further and cause many unwanted side effects - Gamma Oryzanol is an all-natural, non-hormonal rice bran extract that safely and effectively increases natural testosterone in men.

In addition, Platinum T contains clinically proven Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), a natural fatty acid proven to support lean muscle and healthy weight loss, while preventing muscle deterioration.

But Platinum T isn't just about restoring testosterone and improving physical fitness. It's about protecting your body from damaging free radicals and promoting better health too. That's why Platinum T also contains the extraordinary healing properties of pomegranate extract. Rich in powerful polyphenol antioxidants, it helps cells stay young and healthy.

And perhaps best of all, Platinum T is legally available without a prescription!



At Gamma Labs, we believe that naturally increasing your testosterone shouldn't require you to compromise health.

That's why Platinum T contains clinically researched ingredients that help promote a healthy heart and maintain cholesterol already within normal range. In addition, it contains powerful antioxidants to help protect your cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. And Platinum T helps reduce body fat without the use of stimulants.

But our commitment to your health and safety goes beyond formulation. It extends into the lab, too. That's why every capsule of Platinum T is manufactured under strict cGMP guidelines in a NSF certified facility, guaranteeing unsurpassed quality control in every capsule.


F.A.Q. - Platinum T

The Most Frequently Asked Questions for Platinum T

Q: How often should I take Gamma-O V2?
A: Take 2 Liqui-Caps twice a day. Ideally you should take it the same time every day. For best results, take with food.

Q: How often should I take Platinum T?
A: Take 2 Liqui-Caps twice a day. Ideally you should take it the same time every day. For best results, take with food.

Q: When should I expect to see results?
A: Most people see results by the end of the first month. You will continue to feel added effects the longer you take it. All of our case studies had noticeable increases after 30, 60, and 90 days. After several months your body will have established a new base level.

Q: Because Platinum T increases testosterone, does it also cause "roid-rage"?
A: No, Platinum T increases your body's natural testosterone production.

Q: If I stop taking Platinum T, will I have the same negative effects as if I came off prescription testosterone?
A: No. Platinum T helps your body naturally manufacture more testosterone. Prescription testosterone contains is a synthetic substitute that can significantly decrease, and in some cases completely shut down, your natural testosterone production. And when you stop using prescription testosterone, it takes some time for your body to start producing its own testosterone again. During this lapse, your hormone levels drop substantially. If you ever decide to discontinue Platinum T, your testosterone levels will slowly return to normal baseline values. Because this process is suggested to take anywhere from 2-3 weeks, there is no crash due to a sudden loss of androgens.

Q: I have seen Gamma Oryzanol offered in a powdered pill form. What is the difference between liquid emulsified Gamma Oryzanol and powdered Gamma Oryzanol?
A: This is a very good question because you will find many reports of powdered Gamma Oryzanol not working. Here's why, and it's a very important distinction to understand.

Gamma Oryzanol in a dry powder form has a very low absorption rate. If the body cannot absorb the molecule, it simply won't work. And in powdered form, it doesn't work. However, our breakthrough Liquid Emulsion Technology™ has enabled us to develop a unique process of transforming the powder extract into a liquid emulsion. The liquid has over 200 times more surface area, allowing the Gamma Oryzanol to quickly and effectively enter the bloodstream. This enables users to experience the tremendous beneficial effects of enhanced natural testosterone production.

Q: Will Platinum T help boost my red blood cells?
A: None of our case studies specifically monitored RBC's. We believe your RBC's will increase because of the direct correlation between testosterone and RBC's. Additionally, our athletes noticed an increased pump during and after training suggesting there is an increase in blood volume.

Q: I am currently taking other supplements and vitamins. Can I continue to use these supplements while taking Platinum T?
A: Yes. Platinum T has no known adverse reactions when taken in conjunction with other supplements.

Q: Are there any side effects to Platinum T?
A: No. Platinum T has been proven safe and non-toxic. The Gamma Oryzanol inside is a rice bran extract that has been around for centuries.

Q: Do you guarantee your product?
A: Absolutely! This company was founded by athletes seeking a natural alternative to steroids and andro products. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we offer a money back guarantee.

Q: How many capsules are in a bottle?
A: There are 120 capsules in each bottle (one month supply).

Q: Does your product increase the bio-available testosterone or just the overall testosterone?
A: Both.

Q: Can you take Platinum T on an empty stomach?
A: You can take Platinum T on an empty stomach or with a meal. Studies show it is more effective when taken with food. You should try to take it at the same time every day.


200% Money Back

At Gamma Labs, we believe your
satisfaction comes first. That's why we
offer our 200% money back guarantee on
all purchase of Platinum T.